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The Altaica Alpha High Performance Funds are an excellent access to the alternative investments spectrum. The funds are under management of Elite Fund Management. EFM is holder of the license assigned by the AFM, included in the register of the AFM.
The Alpha High Performance Funds are the best way for portfolio diversification and to add the power of Alternative Investments to your investments. This with all advantages of licensed funds which are under full supervision of the Dutch financial authorities.

Diversification gives more safety. Our strategies are designed to add higher returns to your portfolio. This to improve the return-/-risk balance. Due to our management style the funds are less vulnerable by the directions of the markets we invest. We invite you to get further information regarding the funds from our fund managers. Sent us your request for our information package by mail or visit our seminars.

Altaica Funds

Multi Alpha Strategies

  • date: 31-03-17
  • year to date: 1.08%
  • annualised*: 0.00%
  • last month: -0.63%

* fund starting date: 1 July 2015

Emerging Alpha Eur-Asia

  • date: 31-03-17
  • year to date*: 3.45%
  • annualised*: 0,00%
  • last month*: 1.10%

* fund starting date: 1 July 2015


March 2017: Altaica EUR-Asia Emerging Fund: +1.1%

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During March the portfolio performed consistently positive with a result of more than 1.0%. Especially the core markets performed well. The additional markets like Pakistan, Eastern Europe and Taiwan were more volatile and trend consistent. Due to this we cut down our exposure to those markets. Also we decreased our China exposure due to inconsistent signals from different sub markets of China. Unless all hostility in the diplomatic relationship between Turkey and European Countries the Turkey equity investors kept their heads calm. During March we didn’t see much volatility and we ended here almost 1% above the close of February. March was the comeback of Russia, our investments gained about 2.5% over March. Interesting is the big difference between active…

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March 2017: Altaica Alpha Strategies Fund: -0.64%

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Within the portfolio we witnessed some extremities in the results but a moderate movement in the total. The differences in return development between the various strategies was particularly large. The value of a diversified portfolio of hedge funds with a low cross correlation showed its merits again. The focus of the portfolio, CTA’s (Managed Futures funds) moved throught challenging market circumstances. Especially on the commodity and currency markets movements were erratic. Two funds from our selection suffered losses which ran towards the 10%. Two other funds still managed to squeeze out a small profit. On balance the category amounted to a loss of just 3%. We were happy to see that our Long / Short Equity fund selection was able…

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February 2017: Altaica EUR-Asia Emerging Fund: +1.91%

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In general the markets in emerging Eur-Asia performed well during February. The positive surprise was Turkey. With a gain of nearly 6,5% it was the best performing country in the portfolio. After months of high volatile and struggling markets, Turkey markets freed themselves. This rally made Turkey indices belong to the best performing markets worldwide during February. In our view Turkey will keep high volatility. The relative low level, reached after last years correction, however gives this market a huge recovery potential. Russia was the negative surprise (-4%). After a very strong 2016 this markets faced some weakening of the market strength. This weakening can not be disconnected from the global weakening of the oil and gas listings. Unless the…

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